Renewal of Vows

Jo Brewer Westcountry Celebrant






A renewal of vows ceremony is an opportunity for you and your partner to reaffirm your bond in a unique and significant way. Some couples choose to renew marriage vows made abroad, while others celebrate a special anniversary or mark a new beginning after troubled times.


In the venue of your choice - be that your own home, on a stunning Westcountry beach or at some other favourite spot - you’ll enjoy a bespoke ceremony, surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Whether you choose to rededicate your wedding rings, offer new ones, acknowledge the joy of children or reaffirm those precious vows made to one another when you first embarked on married life, your renewal of vows will be as unique and special as you are.



  • Renewal of Wedding Vows - £600 Weekday, £700 Saturday, £800 Sunday/Bank Holiday


Price includes:

  • 1 face-to-face meeting.

  • Phone and e-mail contact thereafter to discuss script and any other arrangements for the day

  • Creation of personalised script

  • Delivery of ceremony

  • Celebration certificate

  • Signing the Register of Celebration

  • Travel within 25 miles of Plymouth City Centre.  Anything further than 25 miles will be charged at 30p per mile for meetings, rehearsals etc.